Me x

Hi! I’m Jemma.. I’m a photographer based in Derby.  I’ve been meaning to keep something like a blog about all my photographical ongoings,  but i’ll be honest I’ve ben more sidetracked with actual photograph taking and editing of late (oh and ok then I admit, Breaking Bad did take over my life for a while)

Maybe I should start with a little bit about myself, and what i’m about….

I live with my extra beautiful daughter Isabella, in our vintage china and chintz cluttered house.   I love the coast and the countryside, (being city and midlands based these always feel like a treat).  I like to whitewash wood, and drink cups of tea with way to many sugars. I REALLY love music and i’m a big fan of cinema,(with salted popcorn), and anything that is mildy sentimental or melancholic.

904873_10152752762960183_1922153225_o (1)

(This is Us)

Photography has always been a big part of my life, My grandpa and uncle were both keen photographers,and right from my days as a 5 year old i was always a big fan of the disposable camera, (of which i am still a fan now). I would insist on spending hours looking through the boxes and boxes of family photographs and negatives kept in our attic. I am still very much a fan of film based photography.


(Me at an EARLY age)

In all aspects of life i would say i enjoy being a watcher, a past time that has had a big effect on my style of photography.  I’ve never been a formal kind of photographer, but would be confident in saying that this has given me an excellent eye for details and for noticing the quieter moments, and making something creative from them.

In the more recent years, i have also developed an interest in photographing architecture and spaces, with a particular liking to derelict buildings.  This has taken me all over the country, and recently even Abroad.


I also photograph weddings, something I never thought I could get into, but have grown to love in a massive way.


Hopefully over the coming weeks, I can update this blog with a bit of what I have been up to so far, and a lot of what I am doing right now.

I would love to hear from you whether you are planning a wedding, have seen one of my pictures that is of interest or have any kind of enquiry, or even want to debate politics!  i am available on email at, OR you can use the contact form below!

J x


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