Fabrica de Textil – Mallorca


My travels recently saw me taking a quick 4 day trip to Majorca…..Magaluf?  I hear you ask, no no no, i am way to old and way to sober for that place, what we had in mind was a little more relaxing and a little less of  a Balearic Isles tradition. What we had in mind was to visit a disused powerstation, Central Termica, just outside of Alcudia.  So after a leisurely first day, arriving to rain, having a quick potter round, and deciding to get an early night and start out next day with hopes that it would a) be less damp and b) bring us some glorious turbine goodness we called it a night alarms set for 6.30 am…….

6:30 AM —– whats that noise??????? sounds like a…… oh god!!! it is…… i’ll just get out of bed and see whats happening..(stumble into the apartment hall, a voice cries out in the other room) GO BACK TO BED ITS A BLOODY TROPICAL STORM. Yes that’s correct folks, Majorca was in the midst of the rainiest, windiest, stormiest day…. so the power plant trip was postponed, we took a leisurely breakfast and headed to a couple of safer options in the shapes of abandoned wineries (which ended up being pretty top notch) and then we took a drive into the mountains, a visited a beautiful little village, here we parked up and took interest in a rather run down little building by a gushing mountain stream….

Blinkering ebin!

we had seen what looked like stuff of interest through the dirtied up windows, after some debating, and possibly the longest linger by a wall, and a run and sudden jump that could go down in history as the most overtly melodramatic manoeuver ever, we managed to find ourselves inside..and  i can honestly say the mind was a little blown…

yeh maybe it was the sun, the mountains, the lemon fanta and the near full packet of lemon cream biscuits and ensuing sugar high that added to the hazy warm memories i am romantically recalling right now…. but on top of that this is possibly one of the nicest places i have taken photographs of…. a mill can be a beautiful thing, there is something really nice about old cotton spinning looms and machinery that sing songs of a nicer time (true story, handcrafted goods and their related machinery always carry with them a homely feel to me …. and this building was chocked full of them!!  There are certain similar mills here in the UK that i have yet to see for myself, and feel quite aggrieved by that fact ….so this place ticked a hell of a lot of boxes for me… also i should add that the sun had made an appearance by this time, so bathed in glorious sunshine, untouched machinery, (rooms and rooms of it) a gushing mountain stream and window views of the most amazing mountains, this turned what was going to be a wash out day into a the best day of the trip! (consequently the powerplant trip was a bit of a damp squib the next day, there was too much pigeon poo, and i had ran out of lemon biscuits by that point)

im not ging to give a history of the place, largely because i could find very little…….

Images wise i think these have become some of the best urban exploration photos i have taken, i would be interested to hear any opinions on that of course……

j x


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