Some film…. and frustration

Whenever i take photographs i am absolutely itching to get back, off load my memory card to Lightroom and scan through my pictures and see how many YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! moments i can give myself (these are the moments when you think POW i love that picture, there’s usually a few, its the best feeling)


Imagine my frustration then, that i have returned from what was an extremely enjoyable photography trip to Majorca, via Leeds, and in my tiredness, i have left all of my camera gear including memory cards with all my pictures….. in a camera bag….in Leeds, (this is approximately 70 miles from my current location, BUT fear not they are safe!)

Fortunately i am just as impatient with my films, and had popped via ASDA’s 1 hour film lab to get a couple of films processed straight away!!

The 2 films i have used are basic AGFA 200 which i got from Poundland, and then some out of date Ektachrome 100vs. ¬†As i got the films developed at ASDA the Ektachrome has been cross processed (they don’t do E6 processing, and Ektachrome is slide film)So here are a few results, the Cross Processing made excellent colours with the skies, but left a very greenish hue on many of the other images, still its not unpleasant!

I am hopefully getting my gear on thursday, and as soon as i have some images sorted i intend to Blog the trip!